About Mnemonic

A mnemonic phrase is able to derive multiple private keys, each having an address. Refer to HD Wallet


  1. Always keep your mnemonics safe
  2. Never transfer to unknown address

About Quota

Sending transaction consumes quota, which can be obtained through PoW calculation or staking Vite. Refer to Quota

About Mintage

Client module provides token issuance function. Refer to client/builtinTxBlock/Mintage

About Subscription

Client module extends netProcessor and supports event subscription. Refer to client/subscription

About Account Instance

Wallet module is mainly used to quickly generate a wallet. Refer to Wallet Introduction

About Sending Transaction

Refer to Account and HdAccount

  1. Generate hdAccount instance from mnemonic phrase. See more Instances in wallet module.
import WS_RPC from '@vite/vitejs-ws';
import { client, hdAccount } from '@vite/vitejs';
let myClient = new client( new WS_RPC("ws://example.com") );
let myHdAccount = new hdAccount({ 
    client: myClient,
    mnemonic: 'your mnemonic'
  1. Get account instance for certain address through hdAccount instance. Below example shows how to get an account instance at address 0.
const firstAccount = myHdAccount.getAccount({
    index: 0
  1. Send transaction through account instance
    toAddress: 'Your toAddress',
    amount: '10000000000000000000',    // 10 Vite (having 18 decimals)
    tokenId: Vite_TokenId
}).then((accountBlock) => {
}).catch((err) => {