ViteX Coin (VX)


A decentralized exchange built on the Vite public chain. The world's first DAG-based decentralized exchange.

ViteX is of the community, by the community, for the community.

  • Features
    • VX holders receive daily dividends from a shared dividend pool which aggregates the trading & listing fees accumulated by ViteX and redistributes back to VX holders.
    • VX holders have voting right on ViteX governance.
  • Total supply100 million (No inflation)
  • Distribution:VX will have no private sale nor public sale. The only way to obtain VX is through mining. VX can be mined in five ways:
    • Trading as mining: whenever a trader takes an order off the order book, they get VX.
    • Staking as mining: by staking VITE for the benefit of ViteX for minimum 3 days, users receive VX as a reward.
    • Referring as mining: for every friend that you bring to trade on ViteX, he or she enjoys 10% discount on trading fee and you are rewarded with VX
    • Market-making as mining: place orders to boost liquidity on ViteX and get rewarded with VX.
    • Listing as mining: a user that lists a new trading pair receives VX.


Release schedule:100 million VX will be released over the course of two years at a fixed percentage rate.