Full Node Rewards

To incentivize operators who run full node in Vite network, full node rewards will continue in Vite Pre-Mainnet. The daily reward amount is 5,700 VITE and will be shared equally by all valid full nodes. This document mainly explain full node rewards program and how to participate in.

Full Node

Please visit What is gvite node for full node introduction.

Instructions for Running a Full Node

Configuration details can be found at Installation.

Reward Program Details

  • A total amount of 5,700 VITE will be distributed equally to all valid full nodes per day.
  • Only full nodes having at least 90% daily uptime are eligible.
  • The reward program started at 12:13:14 GMT+8 on December 13th, 2018. Rewards are distributed on a daily basis. Please note the time we send out rewards could be in delay due to large amount of computation, and be patient. Additional details can be found at https://reward.vite.net/.
  • As special full nodes, supernodes are eligible for the program as well.

Reward Increase

Starting from June 5, 2019, until the Vite Mainnet launches, a temporary factor of 2.6 will be applied to base amount to increase the daily full node rewards to 14,820 VITE.

IP Restriction

If more than one full nodes run from the same IP address and all these nodes' uptime is above 90%, only the one having the highest uptime will receive rewards. If more than one nodes are at 100%, the reward will be distributed in random.